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Harmful practices: advice

Things to look out for if you or someone you know is at risk of forced marriage, FGM or HBV include:

  • School truancy, or not being allowed to work
  • Low motivation when at work or school
  • Lack of engagement extracurricular, or social, activities
  • Self-harm
  • Mental health concerns, such as depression
  • Reports of domestic abuse at home
  • Missing young people reported in the family in the past
  • A family history of forced marriage or FGM
  • Parents announcing they will be taking a child out of the country for a prolonged period


Contact Refuge to speak to someone about your options on 0800 408 1552.

Karma Nirvana is a national charity supporting victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage. Its helpline is on 0800 5999 247.

The National FGM Centre aims to keep children and young people safe from FGM and other harmful practices. You can call it on 0208 498 7137.

Support services

REFUGE: WARWICKSHIRE'S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE SERVICE . If you are experiencing domestic violence in Warwickshire, Refuge’s domestic violence and abuse service can support you and your children to keep safe. Refuge is a county-wide service that provides support to women, men and children experiencing domestic violence in Warwickshire.

Telephone: 0800 408 1552

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