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Victim/Survivor Engagement

If you’ve experienced domestic abuse, we want to hear from you.

We want to get your views about the support available to you.

  • Has anything ever stopped you from telling someone about what’s happened?
  • Are you aware of the domestic abuse support services in Warwickshire?
  • Could your experiences of support have been better?
  • Is there any support you feel people need that is not currently available?
  • Is there more that we can do to help?

Whatever your experience, we want to learn from you to ensure we are delivering the best service possible for everyone.

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Guidance for taking part in the survey

What sort of questions can I ask to decide if engagement is right for me?

In addition to the Domestic Abuse Commissioner’s self-audit checklist that may help you decide if taking part in survivor engagement is right for you at this time, you may wish to speak with your support worker if you have one. Alternatively, you may want to consider the following questions:

  • What is the time commitment?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Is it online or in person?
  • Are they covering expenses for travel?
  •  Are they offering payment/vouchers for my time?
  • Is support offered alongside the activity?
  • Can I change my mind at any time?
  • Who is running the activity?
  • What experience does that person have?
  • Do I have to share my identity?
  • What procedures are in place to keep me safe?

Is there anything I shouldn’t talk about?

The most important thing is to consider what parts of your experience you are willing to share and to who. You do not need to tell anyone anything you don’t wish to. It is your choice.

Legally there are some areas to consider before speaking out:

  • Women’s Aid have a resource called Breaking the Silence, which contains extensive guidance of what to think about when considering sharing your experience in public spaces.
  • Survivors who are subject to Family Court proceedings also have limitations of speaking out about their experiences. The government has a guidance document outlining exactly who you can speak to and why. GOV.UK - Sharing information outside of court in family proceedings.

Can I participate in engagement if I am currently experiencing domestic abuse?

We understand that all victim-survivors are different. Some will want to participate whilst still being subjected to domestic abuse. Some will not. If you are currently experiencing domestic abuse you may wish to access support from a domestic abuse service. They can help with things like your safety and your wellbeing. Always call 999 if you or someone else is in danger.

We suggest you share with whoever is leading the activity/project that your experience is current. A good engagement project will help assess whether involvement is a safe and positive option for you.

Often engagement will lead to a digital trail of emails. Refuge have tailored advice for survivors regarding keeping safe online.

Support services

REFUGE: WARWICKSHIRE'S DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE SERVICE . If you are experiencing domestic violence in Warwickshire, Refuge’s domestic violence and abuse service can support you and your children to keep safe. Refuge is a county-wide service that provides support to women, men and children experiencing domestic violence in Warwickshire.

Telephone: 0800 408 1552

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