Sarah's story

(Not her real name)

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It started with jealousy, checking my phone and emails, disapproving of male friends despite having female friends himself.

He told me that his ex had cheated on him, so I mistook the jealousy for insecurity.

In reality, it was all about control.

He also said he had PTSD, to which I then attributed any strange behaviour and felt for him.

He once threw a hot bowl of soup at me, scolding me and smashing the bowl. He then grabbed the smashed crockery and slashed his wrist with it.

I also had minor cuts on my wrist that he inflicted. Afterwards, he denied what he had done to me that evening and it was all about his suicide attempt. I went back with him.

A few years later, I finally ended this abusive relationship after the birth of my second child.

He was vile during that most emotional and vulnerable time.

Enough was enough.

At a point when I asked him to leave, he went home and cut himself with a Stanley knife, took selfies and sent them to me saying that he had hurt me and lied to me.

I now understand that this kind of behaviour is classic.