Domestic Abuse Act Training


Refuge has been commissioned by Warwickshire County Council to deliver a series of twenty webinars on the Domestic Abuse Act, to embed a holistic approach to domestic abuse across the county and send a message that domestic abuse is everyone’s business. These webinars will be delivered across May and June using Microsoft Teams.

The webinars have been designed to give a brief overview of each element of the Act to enable Warwickshire County Council and partners to prepare for the new measures and duties associated with the Domestic Abuse Act.

This will be an interesting and engaging training, designed to ensure that participants:

1. Understand the key features of the DA Act
2. Understand the intentions behind the Act
3. Understand the changes to practice that the Act will engender
4. Understand how the measures incorporated in the Act will impact victims
5. Understand how Warwickshire specifically is responding to the DA Act

We would ask anyone who is interested in attending to email giving the following information:


Job Role

Email Address

Date to attend 1st choice

Date to attend 2nd choice

The available webinar slots are listed below:

      DATE                  SESSION ONE             SESSION TWO
June 15th x2             10:00 – 11:30                1:00 – 2:30

Frequently Asked Questions

Following the training, a Frequently Asked Questions document has been created to answer queries from attendees. To support your way through this document, you can press the ‘F3’ button to search the document for specific words and phrases [e.g. ‘housing’ or ‘support’] to see the answers you may be looking for.