Warwickshire Domestic Abuse Strategy 2008-11

Warwickshire Domestic Abuse Strategy 2008-11

Domestic Abuse is not acceptable within any society.Warwickshire Domestic Abuse Strategy 2008-11

Warwickshire has a tradition of providing good support for those experiencing domestic abuse in the county. Over recent years, a number of innovative responses have been trialled, some having more success than others. However, lessons can be learnt from all these initiatives and these lessons are reflected in this document.

There is a commitment from all relevant agencies to a more joined-up multi-agency way of working. This document aims to provide a joint vision and a strategic framework to enable this commitment to be put into action in order to provide improved services in Warwickshire.

It is accepted that there is a need to provide a wide-ranging support network for families experiencing domestic abuse, and that much of this support has to be provided by nonstatutory independent agencies for whom short-term, restricted funding challenges their capacity to provide and develop services.

Delivery of the key objectives will be achieved through annual action plans. These will need to recognise that some actions can be achieved quickly, whilst others may develop over the three years of the strategy. Whatever the time scale, the commitment of Warwickshire County Council and its partners to the achievement of these aims is essential.

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